flute, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, violin, violoncello, percussion, piano

Convergences (2017) was conceived as a continuous set of short variations on cyclic motion and alignment constructed from fragmented cycles of timbre and gesture. Over the duration of the opening section, recurrence becomes apparent with increasing density of alignments. After the establishment of these ideas, a spacious, amorphous sound world is formed. Performers are given cycles of musical gestures, within which they are free to shape durations and dynamics in a manner congruent with the ensemble as a whole. The goal is for the performers, through carefully listening and reacting, to shape the material and create moments of significance through alignment (in whichever musical manner alignment may be interpreted). The conclusion of the piece is thought of as a saturation point where these materials are once again recollected and cycled through in a more organized manner until the dense texture gives way to delicate, wavering tones oscillating in and out of tune.

This piece was written for the Mizzou New Music Ensemble in observance of the 2017 North American solar eclipse.

Performed by:
Kelariz Keshavarz - Flute
Victoria Hargrove - Bass Clarinet
Panos Skyftas - Soprano Saxophone
Renan Leme - Violin
Daniel Keeler - Violoncello
Rebecca McDaniel - Percussion
Gyumi Rha - Piano