Douglas Osmun is a composer of both acoustic and electronic music, and whose acoustic works are often informed by electroacoustic theories and techniques. He is deeply concerned with elements of sound embodiment, spatialization, and perception. In consideration of these components, he approaches the sound ideas at every level in his pieces as spatial objects to be sculpted and arranged. More recently, he has been experimenting with methods of dissecting musical form in a way that not only allows for interesting emergent structures, but also for greater performer agency over the material. His goal is to create musical works that open new channels of communication between the performer and listener through highly detailed and captivating sonic environments.

Osmun was raised on the western side of Michigan, never far from the shores of Lake Michigan. He is currently studying to receive his Masters in Composition at the University of Missouri, where he studies privately with Stefan Freund. He holds an undergraduate degree in Music Composition from Western Michigan University, where he also earned a minor in Multimedia Arts Technology. This minor encompassed training in audio engineering, creative projects with digital media, and computer programming. Former teachers of his at Western Michigan University include Lisa Renée Coons and Christopher Biggs. As a recent graduate student, Osmun has a number of awards and accomplishments, including the Sinquefield Composition Prize and Commission, the Ron Nelson Award and Symphonic Band Commission, and an international premiere of his work at the highSCORE Festival in Italy. For his achievements, he was also named a Beulah and Harold McKee Scholar, one of three top awards for students within the WMU School of Music.