Douglas Osmun is a young composer of both acoustic and electronic music. He is particularly drawn toward the acoustic properties of sound, and therefore treats sounds as spatial objects to be sculpted and arranged. From dense, clamorous noises to spacious expanses that reach into a hazy sonic abyss, his works exist as sprawling, vivid sound worlds. Osmun has a clear affinity for elements of embodiment, sound spatialization, granular textures, and the human voice. His goal as a composer is to draw listeners into these worlds so that he might engage and connect with them in new ways.

Osmun has presented his music at a number of festivals and conferences, including SEAMUS, NYCEMF, the Society of Composers Inc. National Conference, the BGSU Graduate Music Conference, the Fresh Inc Festival, the highSCORE Festival in Italy, and the nief-norf Summer Festival. He has also been awarded the Sinquefield Composition Prize and Commission, the Ron Nelson Award and Symphonic Band Commission, and was named a Beulah and Harold McKee Scholar, one of three top awards for students within the WMU School of Music.

Osmun was raised on the western side of Michigan, never far from the shores of Lake Michigan. He is currently studying to receive his Masters in Composition at the University of Missouri, where he has studied with Carolina Heredia and Stefan Freund. He holds an undergraduate degree in Music Composition from Western Michigan University, where he also earned a minor in Multimedia Arts Technology. This minor encompassed training in audio engineering, creative projects with digital media, and computer programming. Former teachers of his at Western Michigan University include Lisa Renée Coons and Christopher Biggs.